Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Yakindu M13 new and noteworthy

We published a new preview (called M13) of the upcoming Statechart Tools (SCT) 2.0 today!

The focus of this version was definitely on rounding the existing features off. So a lot of work was spent in Bug Fixing, writing Test Cases, as well as polishing meta models and APIs. Nevertheless the major feature in this release is the User Guide.
Of course it is integrated into the Eclipse help.
Installation & Update
It is available via our milestones update site: . Use this Eclipse update site link to install the statechart tools into your existing Eclipse Indigo (3.7.2). For a new installation choose Eclipse menu Help/Install New Software … and Help/Check for Updates if you have already installed a preview version of SCT


  1. Hi Andreas,
    Yakindu is a great tool for emmbeded system.
    i have a project for temperature machine use Yakindu toolkit,in Yakindu toolkit user guider, i see a example for temperature controller, i cant find any specific info about it.Could you give it to me? (state machine, source code...). i want to refrence it.
    Thanks and best regard!

  2. Hi,
    we will ship this example with the first final version. You can create it using the Yakindu Example Wizard.