Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Yakindu Statechart Tools 2.4.0 released!

We released Yakindu Statechart Tools 2.4.0 today! It contains a lot of bugfixes and improvements as well as new features.

This release requires Eclipse Luna. You can install SCT 2.4.0 from our update site: or you can download a full Eclipse zip package from our dowload page.

New and Noteworthy

Here is a summary of the improvements worth mentioning:

1. Toggle documentation toolbar entry added
Menu-16We added a toolbar menu item  to the editors toolbar to toggle between documentation and formal expression language. This allows to toggle modes for the whole diagram.

2. C/C ++ generator feature for inner class function visibility added
innerFunctionVisibility (String, optional): This parameter is used to change the visibility of inner functions and variables. In default the „private” visibility is used. It can be changed to „protected” to allow function overriding for a class which inherits from the generated statemachine base class.
Example configuration:

feature GeneratorOptions {
 innerFunctionVisibility =  "protected"

3. C/C++ generator feature to change operation callback generation behavior added
staticOperationCallback (Boolean, optional): If set to ‚true’ the callback function declaration for statechart operations is static and the functions are called by the statemachine code statically.
Example configuration:
feature GeneratorOptions {
 staticOperationCallback = true

4. Model and Diagram compare feature
This release contains the beta version of a diff/merge viewer for statechart diagrams. It integrated seamlessly into the Eclipse Team API to allow diffing and merging of different revisions as well as comparing models with the local history.


Note that this feature is still beta. There are currently two known problems (this and this) with the editor that will be fixed for the next release.


We also fixed a bunch of bugs reported via our User Group:

Toggle subregion alignment does not work
Transition into substate does not recognize parents history context
Model can not be simulated if operations in named interfaces are used
C++ generator can generates allways actions with a lower-case letter in source file
CoreFunction methods for long types incomplete
Operations of other Statecharts (in the same folder) are in scope
Class cast exception if java provided custom operation is not executable
Simulating Operations With Custom Java Code is not working as intended
Diagram corrurpted when moving transition label

Thanks to all bug reporters!

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