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Yakindu Statechart Tools Survey - Intermediate Results

Ten days ago we started a short survey about YAKINDU Statechart Tools to get a better understanding what we have to improve and which features we should implemement next. The survey is still online - so if you are a Statechart Tools user and could spend 5 minutes to complete that'd be great. 

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Thanks to all the participants so far! Let us have a detailed look at the survey results. For all those nitpickers out there who notice that the overall sum is above 100 % for some questions - this is because multi selection was allowed ;).

Working area and kind of software

More than half of the survey participants work in the Industry area and want to use YAKINDU Statechart Tools for their commerical products. Nearly the same amount of users work in the Research (30%) and Education (20%) domain. Nice to see that there are also some people using YAKINDU for their Private projects just for fun. I would love to hear from you and the stuff you are building with Statechart Tools, just drop me an email or leave a comment!

The majority of all respondents want to develop software for Embedded Systems (70 %) and Human-Machine-Interfaces (40 %) as well as Automation Software (35%). About 20 % want to use Statechart Tools for Enterprise Software, Web Applications and Mobile Applications. Until this time, Statechart Tools are not used in the area of game development.

Experience with Statemachines and other Statechart Tools

24 % of the overall respondents state that they never used statemachines before. 60 % use statemachines from time to time and no fewer than 16% call themselfs statemachine experts. Nearly 50 % worked with other Statemachine Tools before using YAKINDU Statechart Tools. Most popular Statemachine Tools mentioned are Matlab Stateflow, Enterprise Architect, IAR Visual State, SCADE and Rational Rhapsody.

Why are you using YAKINDU Statechart Tools?

The majority of all users want to generate C code out of their statemachines (65%), while 50 % want to generate Java and C++ Code. At least 24% of our users want to generate code for other programming languages, most mentioned Javascript, Phyton and VHDL.

About 24 % of our users use YAKINDU Statechart Tools to learn about statecharts, 13 % of them also want to teach statecharts. But the majority (58%) want to develop software and want to use it for system modeling (40%). Really surprising to me was the fact that nearly 30 %' of all participants 'care about modeling toolchains and want to integrate' SCT in their IDE. This is fairly easy - thanks to open source and the underlying Eclipse Platform.

How do you rate the tool and what can we improve?

Last but not least we asked our users how they rate different aspects of YAKINDU Statechart Tools on a scale from 1 (poor) to 4 (perfect). As you can see in the diagram on the right, the average rating for Graphical Editing, Simulation,Validation, Code Generation and Usability is 3 (good). Of course, 'good' is not good enough, we will further improve these tool features. 

Only Documentation & Tutorials was rated with an average of 2 (does the job). We will improve the documentation in the future and we are also planning an ebook with additional examples.
The 'feature-wish' section of our survey was a great source of inspiration for us. Of course, we can not implement all those cool features at once, but we are open for external contributions. If  you want to integrate a model checker like UPPAAL (someone is already prototyping this), or add an importer for stateflow or other features just fork us on GitHub!

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